Top Choice Parrilla in Chitré

Salsa y Carbon

This open-air Colombian thatched BBQ house grills some of the best steak and ribs in the region. Meat and chicken are exceptionally tender and served with salad and arepas (maize flatbreads). The covered outside sea…
Panamanian in Chitré

Restaurante Aire Libre

Get your greasy-spoon fix at breakfast, lunch or dinner at this open-air plaza-cafe overlooking Parque Union. It offers two kinds of fried chicken and seafood such as camarones al ajillo (shrimp with garlic), served…
Panamanian in Chitré

Restaurante El Meson

This plaza restaurant with long hours has an expansive list of offerings, from sandwiches to steak and seafood. The chicken tacos will fully satisfy small appetites. Full breakfasts include fried yucca or tortillas …
Pizza in Chitré

Pizzeria Ebenezer

In addition to pizza, this popular pizzeria a short distance from the main square does a good range of pasta, as well as tacos and burritos. It's a good choice when local food starts to grind you down.
Seafood in Chitré

Ceviches Tio Caimán

Chitré's favorite seafood restaurant specializes in ceviche (citrus-cured seafood) but has many more inventive dishes on offer, including those with a Caribbean slant. It's just north of the center, next to the publ…