Top things to do in Cayos Limones & Chicheme

Caribbean in Eloguadub (Isla Tortuguita)

Restaurant Chef Blas

It would be hard to conjure a more idyllic setting than this tiny isle with deep white sand and three long picnic tables under the palms. Blas earned his whites as a Panama City chef, and his presentation is fully p…
Seafood in Wailidup

Guna Niskua Restaurant

This huge wooden restaurant with bar sits over the water and offers dishes of fresh octopus, fish, crab and lobster. Attached to the lodge of the same name, it's connected to the island via a long wooden dock and pa…
Seafood in Banedup (Islas Fragatas)

Kairbir Nega

This restaurant on Banedup Bibbi (Isla Fragata Chica) is very poplar with sailors and day-trippers for its fish, seafood and chicken dishes. Unusual for island eateries, it keeps late hours.
Seafood in Banedup (Islas Fragatas)

Restaurante Banedup

Yachties and excursion boats stop by for meals (US$10 to US$15) of quality seafood, rice and salad. The over-the-water setting is a delight.
Island in Cayos Limones & Chicheme

La Piscina

This fabulous sandbar is a popular swimming spot for day-trippers staying on any of the Cayos Limones.