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Panama Canal and Gatun Lake Wildlife and Rain Forest Boat Tour

Enjoy a panoramic tour along the world famous Panama Canal. Go to Gatun Lake, a major part of the Panama Canal, where you will see and learn about the fascinating tropical wildlife of the lake and the surrounding forest.
45 minutes
Day Trips & Excursions

Gamboa Rainforest, Panama Canal Tour From Panama City

Be part of this magical experience at the Rainforest, right next to the Panama Canal. You will get a glimpse of the real wild life In other words this is a great natural experience in Panama City.
6 hours
Outdoor Activities

Aerial Tram Tour in Gamboa

Discover the secrets of the upper forest canopy with a ride on the Aerial Tram. This peaceful and relaxing tour takes you over the treetops as a naturalist guide helps you to interpret some of the jungle’s most interesting facts.
1 hour
Outdoor Activities

Fishing at the Panama Canal

World-class fishing on the Panama Canal and Gatun Lake just 45 minutes outside Panama City.
3 hours
Outdoor Activities

Sloth Sanctuary and Nature Labs

Within the resort’s sprawling botanical gardens, you will find distinct nature exhibits, designed to entertain and educate you about the unique fauna and flora of this tropical paradise. The exhibition area is composed of three exhibits that include: Butterfly Farm, Frog Garden, and Orchid Nursery. Also, included in the tour you will visit the  Gamboa Wildlife Rescue Center where you will see many animals that have been rescued by the Pan American Conservation Association, and finished the tour with a visit to the Sloth Sanctuary, the only one in Panama.
45 minutes
Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Night Safari Boat Ride

Ideal for lovers of nighttime adventure and mystery, this safari takes you in search of the plant and animal life on the Chagres River. Possible sightings include caiman, Fishing bats, capybara, and two-toed sloth.
50 minutes
Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Chagres River Panal Canal Watershed 30-Minute Boat Tour

Navigate the Chagres river, the largest river in the Panama Canal's watershed, up close and personal with this 30 minute tour. You will enjoy a wonderful view and be in contact with the natural life.
30 minutes