Bocas del Toro Province

Top things to do

Top ChoicePark in Isla Bastimentos

Parque Nacional Marino Isla Bastimentos

Parque Nacional Marino Isla Bastimentos

Established in 1988, this 132-sq-km marine park was Panama's first. Protecting 130 islands of the Bocas del Toro archipelago, including the coral-fringed Cayos Zapatillas, and the wetlands in the center of Isla...

Top ChoiceFusion in Isla Bastimentos

Firefly Restaurant

A clutch of open-air tables facing rough surf, this reservation-only restaurant is the perfect sunset date. An American chef cooks up local and organic ingredients in Thai and Caribbean preparations. Think sweet...

Top ChoiceVegetarian in Isla Carenero

Leaf Eaters Cafe

For excellent pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan lunches, head to this over-the-water restaurant on Isla Carenero. Start with a cool cucumber-mint-coconut-watermelon shake. Quirky and flavorful offerings include...

Top ChoiceIndian in Bocas del Toro Town

Om Café

When you smell gorgeous aromas spilling out onto the sidewalk, you're at this welcoming Indian cafe serving classic curries, korma and thalis. Service can be slow, so pass the wait with an original cocktail, such...

Top ChoiceCaribbean in Bocas del Toro Town

El Último Refugio

A favorite splurge of Bocas locals, this mellow North American–run place on the edge of the sea does date night right. Caribbean and seafood dishes include red curry calamari and miso-crusted grouper on the...

Gardens in Bocas del Toro Town

Finca Los Monos Botanical Garden

Finca Los Monos Botanical Garden

One of the joys of visiting Bocas is touring the 'Monkey Farm' botanical garden a couple of kilometers northwest of the center. Painstakingly carved out of 10 hectares of secondary rainforest over almost two...

Beach in Isla Bastimentos

Playa Larga

This 6km-long beach on the southeast side of the island falls under the protection of the marine park. Hawksbill, leatherback and green sea turtles nest here from March to September. It's also good for surfing....

Beach in Isla Bastimentos

Red Frog Beach

Small but perfectly formed, Red Frog Beach is named after the rana rojo (strawberry poison-dart frog), an amphibian you're most unlikely to encounter here due to development, local kids trapping them to impress...

Seafood in Isla Carenero

Bibi’s on the Beach

With great atmosphere, this over-the-water restaurant and surf outfitter makes tasty soups, killer ceviche (citrus-cured seafood), whole lobsters (US$27) and lightly fried fish. The service couldn’t be friendlier...

Mediterranean in Bocas del Toro Town

La Casbah

Locals and travelers love this Mediterranean restaurant serving up gazpacho, goat's cheese salad, and seafood and meat dishes such as tabbouleh couscous salad with chicken. The fish of the day comes in cream or...

Arts & Crafts in Bocas del Toro Town

Artesanía Bribrí

This centrally located and heavily stocked shop sells hammocks, clothing and local handicrafts, such as jute bags made by indigenous Ngäbe people, molas by Guna people and mats from the Darién.

Club in Bocas del Toro Town

Selina Bar

The bar at this landmark hostel is open daily, with happy hour between 7pm and 8pm, but most people make it here between 10pm and 2am on a Friday, when all the stops are pulled out and it's party time.

Cave in Isla Bastimentos

Nivida Bat Cave

One of Bastimentos' most fascinating natural wonders, Nivida is a massive cavern with swarms of nectar bats and a subterranean lake. The cave lies within the borders of the Parque Nacional Marino Isla Bastimentos...

Cave in Bocas del Toro Town

La Gruta

If sun, sand and surf isn't your thing then consider a trip to this cave in Colonia Santeña, a small village of cattle farmers 7km northwest of Bocas town. Here you'll wade through waist-high water while trying...

Panamanian in Boca del Drago

Yarisnori Restaurant

Overlooking the water and with hammocks strung between the palms on the beach, this open-air restaurant is a local favorite, due in large part to the warm hospitality of owners Juany and Willy. Grab a table on...

Fusion in Bocas del Toro Town

Azul Restaurant

Come to Azul for excellent-value gourmet dining set on a lovely 2nd-floor balcony (there's also seating inside). There's no menu, just the option of a vegetarian or non-vegetarian (though heavy on seafood) set...

Pizza in Isla San Cristóbal & Around

Rana Azul

A real only-when-traveling experience, Rana Azul is a remote restaurant-pizzeria facing Dolphin Bay from the Bocas mainland. It's hosted by Joseph and Maria, who arrived here some years back on their boat from...

Canal in Changuinola

Snyder (Changuinola) Canal

In 1903 a 12km-long canal connecting the Río Changuinola and Almirante Bay was dug parallel to the Caribbean shoreline to facilitate the barging of bananas from the fields of the Bocas del Toro archipelago to...

Caribbean in Changuinola

Restaurante Ebony

More expensive than your typical Changuinola restaurant, but loaded with atmosphere, this Afro-Caribbean restaurant at the southern end of the main street serves up creole dishes (shrimp with coconut, rice and...

Bar in Bocas del Toro Town

Bookstore Bar

Just what its name suggests: this cavernous spot sells both books and drinks, though most seem more interested in the latter. It's the best spot for live music in Bocas, with rock, salsa and punk on Tuesday and...