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Panama Canal and Gatun Lake Wildlife and Rain Forest Boat Tour

Enjoy a panoramic tour along the world famous Panama Canal. Go into the Gatun Lake, a major part of the Panama Canal and which was considered the largest artificial lake in the world. See and learn about the fascinating tropical wildlife of the lake and the surrounding forest.Explore some of the islands formed after the creation of which was once the largest artificial lake in the world. Depart from the Gamboa Rainforest Resort marina accompanied by a professional guide and a boat captain.

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Gamboa Rainforest, Panama Canal Tour From Panama City

You will ascend to the highest peak at 280 feet by the aerial tram surrounded by the thousand shades of green from the leaves and trees of the forest.Expect a sight of colorful birds & butterflies as well as slots and white faced cappuccino monkeys, all while listening to a howler monkey´s cry.But that is not the end of it, as the tour progresses, and you get off the aerial tram, you will head to the orquidearium, butterfly house, and the rescue house; where you will get a glimpse of the real wild life. As if that was not enough, you will take a boat trip through the Panama Canal waterways and visit the islands that once upon a time were mountains. This area was flooded when the Panama Canal was finished and created these beautiful islands. This area is a sanctuary for the flora & fauna enthusiasts such as scientists all over the world. And if you look carefully enough you can spot monkeys, toucans, crocodiles, caimans and turtles. You will finish the trip with a lunch with a wonderful view of the Chagres River, the word tasteful comes to mind after such meal.

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Aerial Tram Tour in Gamboa

Discover the secrets of the upper forest canopy with a 1.2 km ride on the Resort’s Aerial Tram and enjoy a bird’s eye view of a thousand hues of green and many animals in their natural setting. You will be surrounded by exuberant flora and fauna typical of neotropical forests. After about 30 minutes of ascent, you will reach the top of Cerro Pelado and walk a short path that will lead you to the Observation Tower, a 100-foot solid steel and wood structure, offering fabulous 360º panoramic views of the Chagres River, the Emberá indigenous community and much of the Soberania National Park.

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Gatun Lake Panama Canal Kayak Tour With Chagres River Option

If you love active outdoor sports, you do not want to miss the chance to make an exploration of the waters of the Panama Canal with some early morning Panama kayaking. Paddle a kayak and discover what sights the famous Panama Canal holds for you on your journey. Come and immerse yourself in this extraordinary Panama adventure! As another option, you can choose the kayak tour that takes you up the Chagres River and ideal tour for those who like to enjoy nature quietly. You will be accompanied by a naturalist guide, who will explain the sights along the way.

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Fishing at the Panama Canal

Early this morning you will be picked up at your hotel in Panama City. Enjoy a scenic 45 minute drive through the old Panama Canal Zone, driving by two sets of the Panama Canal Locks (Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks) and then through lush, pristine rainforest to Gamboa at the junction of the Chagres River and the Panama Canal.You will have the opportunity to catch Peacock Bass and to troll for snook and tarpon. Peacock Bass, an introduced species in Gatun Lake is a world renowned, sought after, game fish. The younger 2 to 3 pounds Peacock bass are abundant in these waters and swim in schools along certain selected areas in the lake.You can count on the gentle instruction and natural friendliness of our guides. En-route to the best fishing spots, the boat allows for close approximations to rainforest covered islands (former hill tops) in Gatun Lake to search for White-faced Capuchin, Mantled Howler Monkey, Central American spider monkey, and Geoffrey’s Tamarin.

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Sloth Sanctuary and Nature Labs

Wildlife Rescue Center: The Wildlife Rescue Center receives and rehabilitates injured, sick and orphaned animals, giving them the care and attention they need for their improvement, always under the supervision of the Pan American Conservation Association experts. In addition to being a safe space for them, it helps their mission to promote environmental awareness through education and highlighting the importance of the community's role in protecting wildlife.Butterfly Farm: These beautiful insects have been reproduced in a butterfly farm, in order to show visitors around 20 species of butterflies native to Panama.Orchid Nursery: This is perhaps one of the few orchid nurseries, in Panama, with an educational purpose. Unlike commercial nurseries, here you can see a large number of wild species native to our country, including some miniature ones and the Panama a ́s National Flower.Frog Pond: a garden that recreates almost perfect and natural, lush Panamanian rainforest. It is the new home to hundreds of frogs Darts native of tropical America, with more than 30 combinations of bright colors, where it will be possible to observe the complete cycle from mating, breeding, feeding and even territorial disputes between males.

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