Top Choice Middle Eastern in Bethlehem

Hosh Al Jasmine

This local restaurant on a hillside in Beit Jala serves homely Palestinian food, beers and wine on the grounds of an organic farm, with hens clucking, birds singing and fantastic views over the hills of the southern…
Top Choice Middle Eastern in Jericho

Abu Omar

Next to the main square, this local favourite serves the best roast chicken in the West Bank, period. It is double the price for a sit-down meal versus taking away, but grabbing a table is well worth it.
Middle Eastern in Bethlehem


A Bethlehem institution for decades, top-notch hummus and masabacha (warm hummus with whole chickpeas) are just two of the dishes on the menu at this popular eatery close to Manger Sq.
Middle Eastern in Jericho

Al Essawe

On a corner overlooking Jericho’s main square, Al Essawe’s lovely 2nd-floor terrace is an excellent place to watch the world go by. The owner speaks English, and the restaurant serves the usual Arabic fare, kebabs, …
Middle Eastern in Nablus


For a more formal sit-down meal, follow the locals and ascend Assaraya’s wood-panelled staircase from the main gate into the Old City. Take a seat in the restaurant’s two-storey glass atrium, which overlooks Martyrs…
Middle Eastern in Hebron

Abu Salah

Perched on the edge of Hebron’s Old City, this busy restaurant is one of the best for shawarma. It has a handful of chairs where locals perch to chomp down on their pitas, either chicken or lamb.