Palestinian Territories in detail

Arriving in Destination

Ben Gurion Airport to Damascus Gate (Jerusalem) Outside the arrivals hall, yellow and white sheruts wait (24 hours) to take passengers from the airport (near Tel Aviv) to Jerusalem. Drivers will want to know either a hotel or a drop-off point; if you are going straight to the West Bank, ask for Damascus Gate (42NIS).

Damascus Gate (Jerusalem) to Ramallah From Damascus Gate, cross the road and walk up Nablus St (opposite) until you reach the Arab bus station (on your left). There, either bus 218 or 219 will take you to Ramallah, via Qalandia Checkpoint (7NIS). You will not need to get off at the checkpoint. In summer, the buses run to Ramallah until 9.30pm – in winter, they only run until 6 or 7pm at the latest. The final stop is the city's main bus station, directly opposite Area D Hostel.

Damascus Gate (Jerusalem) to Bethlehem Directly opposite the Old City is another bus station, this time with buses to Bethlehem. The 231 takes you directly to the city without stopping and the 234 (7NIS) takes you via Checkpoint 300, where you will need to get off the bus and pass through on foot. For the Walled Off Hotel, it is best to take the 234 and walk to the hotel from the checkpoint (15 minutes) or take a cab (no more than 10NIS). For everywhere else take the 231 and then a cab into town (no more than 20NIS).

King Hussein Bridge (Jordan) to Damascus Gate (Jerusalem) Outside the arrivals hall, sheruts wait to take passengers to Jerusalem (35NIS). Once you arrive at Damascus Gate, take buses either to Ramallah or Bethlehem.

Note that once buses have stopped running between Jerusalem, Ramallah and Bethlehem it is possible to take an Israeli taxi to Qalandia or Checkpoint 300 and then a Palestinian taxi to your destination. In both cases you will need to bargain hard with the driver.