Palestinian Territories in detail

Palestinian Territories is known for

Food & Drink

Whether it is mansaf (chicken over rice) or modern Franco-Palestinian fusion, the West Bank is not a place where visitors go hungry – nor, with a few microbreweries, thirsty.

Fadwa Cafe & Restaurant Chef Fadi Kattan serves up modern takes on Palestinian cuisine at his guesthouse in Bethlehem.

Hosh Al Jasmine Chow down on classic Palestinian dishes while taking in some of the West Bank's best views.

Al Aqsa Sample the most famous of all Palestinian dishes, kunafeh, in the Old City of Nablus.

Birzeit Brewery Check out the West Bank's newest microbrewery in a Christian village outside Ramallah.

Abu Omar Find out why the roast chicken here is the most famous in the West Bank.


From Hebron to Jenin, the West Bank is a veritable paradise for history buffs, with ancient monasteries, revered religious sites and the ruins of the some of the world's oldest cities.

Mt Gerizim See the mountaintop ruins that the ancient Samaritan faith believes to be the first piece of land created by God.

Tel Al Sultan Walk around the fortifications of ancient Jericho, parts of which are more than 10,000 years old.

Hisham's Palace Wander among the epic mosaics at the ruins of Khirbat A, an opulent desert palace.

Hammam Al Shifa A rough-and-ready bathhouse that has been keeping residents of Nablus clean since the 13th century.

Yasser Arafat Museum Learn about the Palestinian Territories' more recent history at this new museum in Ramallah.

Greek Orthodox Church of St George Descend into the caves where Christians hid from the Romans at the world's fourth-oldest church.


Outside of the cities, the West Bank is home to epic, empty deserts, winding wadis and moody mountainscapes that make for world-class hiking, cycling and walking. Because of the political situation in the West Bank, it is always advised to hike, cycle or climb only as part of an organised tour.

Wadi Qelt The valley that connects Jerusalem with Jericho is lined with ancient sites, natural springs and incredible views.

Canaan Fair Trade Arrange a homestay with a Palestinian farmer in the villages of the northern West Bank.

Sebastia Get lost among the hilltop ruins of this ancient city.

Arts & Music

From street art to theatre to traditional and modern Palestinian music, the arts and music scene in the West Bank is thriving – although you often need to hunt around to find out what is on when.

Freedom Theatre Catch a show or explore volunteering opportunities at this world-famous theatre in Jenin.

Al Kamandjati Head into the Old City for a performance at this venue in a traditional building in Ramallah.

La Grotta Hang around late enough at this Ramallah dive bar and an impromptu jam session is almost guaranteed.

Bethlehem Check in at Banksy's Walled Off Hotel, then check out the street art outside.

Khalil Sakakini Centre A Ramallah institution, this arts centre hosts regular exhibitions.