Palestinian Territories in detail


Welcome to the West Bank

  • 1 Week

This route takes you to the major Palestinian cities and sights.

Start off at the Yasser Arafat Museum in Ramallah before jumping on a sherut up to Taybeh to check out the West Bank's oldest brewery for an hour or two. Spend your first evening either bar-hopping in Ramallah or hanging out with the locals in the cafes close to Manara Sq. The next day jump on a bus to Nablus for a day of shopping in its enchanting market, scrubbing up at an ancient hammam and visiting the Samaritans atop Mt Gerizim. Up early the next day, grab a service to Jenin and check out the Freedom Theatre and then either head back to Ramallah or spend a day staying with farmers near the northern village of Burqi'in. Take a service to Jericho for a full day of sightseeing (perhaps two, if you want to see everything). End your trip with a couple of nights Bethlehem, with its winding lanes and ancient churches, and a day trip to the troubled city of Hebron, profoundly sacred to both Jews and Muslims.