It's possible to eat extremely cheaply in the West Bank if you confine yourself to kebab stands and local outlets, where a falafel or a shawarma can cost as little as 3NIS and rarely more than 12NIS. Fresh fruit and vegetables are plentiful and cheap at the bazaars in most towns and cities.

Ramallah in particular has a huge range of international restaurants, serving everything from sushi to modern Italian.

Palestinian Food

Most budget and midrange sit-down restaurants in the West Bank serve mainly Levantine Arabic fare such as shish tawooq (marinated chicken grilled on skewers) and kofta (lamb kebab), as well as a huge range of delicious mezze: hummus and muttabal (purée of aubergine mixed with tahini, yogurt and olive oil), salads, kibbeh (meat-filled cracked-wheat croquettes) and fried cheese.

Thankfully, it is no longer hard to find traditional Palestinian food in the West Bank, and a number of restaurants, particularly in Bethlehem, now offer dishes such as mansaf (literally 'exploded' chicken or lamb over rice with a thick, meaty broth) and makloubeh ('upside down' chicken, under rice cooked with nuts and spices). Meanwhile, no trip to the West Bank is complete without trying kunafeh, the sweet wheat-and-cheese-based desert that is native to the northern city of Nablus.