Top Choice Monastery in Bethlehem

Mar Saba Monastery

A must-see on any journey through the Holy Land is Mar Saba Monastery, a bleak and beautiful 20km drive east of Bethlehem (beyond Beit Sahour).Women must view the phenomenal cliff-clinging copper-domed hermitage, fo…
Church in Bethlehem

Church of the Nativity

For the millions of pilgrims who descend on the Holy Land every year, the Church of the Nativity is the main reason for visiting Bethlehem. The church, believed to be built on the spot where Jesus was born, was orig…
Museum in Bethlehem

Museum of Palestinian Heritage

This impressive museum in the new complex of buildings opposite Soloman's Pools is the personal collection of one man, Ishaq al Hroub, who gathered this remarkable selection of traditional Palestinian exhibits over …
Cultural Centre in Bethlehem

Al Rowwad Centre

Al Rowwad is buried in the narrow streets of Aida refugee camp and is best visited as part of an organised tour. The centre is a wealth of information on the history of the camp and the Palestinian refugee issue mor…
Palace in Bethlehem


King Herod’s spectacular fortress-palace, Herodium, built between 23 and 15 BCE, was known through the centuries to Arab inhabitants as the Mountain of Paradise. It rises from the Judean Desert like a flat-topped ca…
Religious Site in Bethlehem

Rachel’s Tomb

In a desolate corridor created by Israel’s separation wall and near the main checkpoint into town on the Israeli side, stands Rachel’s Tomb. Rachel is said to have died here while in childbirth after which her husba…
Market in Bethlehem


Has a range of fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, junk, shoes and some mighty tasty snacks. Known to locals as the Green Market, the souq was established in 1929.
Park in Bethlehem

Solomon’s Pools

During Roman times, a series of natural springs filled three mammoth rectangular reservoirs supplying water via aqueducts to Jerusalem and Herodium. King Solomon enjoyed respite beside their serene shimmer, where he…
Mosque in Bethlehem

Mosque of Omar

Opposite the Church of the Nativity and named after the second Muslim caliph, Omar Ibn Al Khattab, this is the only mosque in Bethlehem’s Old City. It was built in 1860 on land granted by the Greek Orthodox Church i…
Church in Bethlehem

Lutheran Christmas Church

Built in the 19th-century church, the Lutheran Christmas Church is linked to the International Center of Bethlehem and was inaugurated by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1898 during his visit to the Holy Land. Visitors can see…