Palestinian Territories in detail

Money and Costs

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than 300NIS

  • Dorm bed: 70–150NIS
  • Meals at falafel stands and local restaurants: 100NIS (per day)
  • Bus ticket: 7–15NIS

Midrange: 300–450NIS

  • Double room in a hotel: 150–200NIS
  • Sit-down meal at a local restaurant: 40–50NIS
  • Bottle of beer: 15NIS
  • Short taxi trip: 20NIS

Top end: More than 450NIS

  • Double room in top-end hotel: 350–400NIS
  • Sit-down meal at an international restaurant: 150NIS
  • Cocktail: 35NIS
  • Taxi hire for the day: 200–250NIS


New Israeli shekel (NIS)


ATMs are widely available and mostly dispense new Israeli shekels (NIS). Occasionally banks also give the option of Jordanian dinars or US dollars, but these are rarely used, and you will get a far better price with NIS.

Exchange Rates

Euro zone€14.31NIS

For current exchange rates see


Tipping in restaurants is not the norm except in touristy places, so waiters will be grateful for any gratuity. Taxi drivers do not expect tips.


Palestinian taxis do not have meters, and you will need to haggle for every journey. As a rule, short hops around cities such as Jericho, Ramallah and Bethlehem should be 10-15NIS and certainly no more than 20NIS. In Jenin and Nablus, taxis are generally cheaper.

You will also need to bargain in souqs, particularly in Hebron and Bethlehem, where prices will be massively inflated for foreign visitors.