Koror, the Rock Islands, Babeldaob & Peleliu

  • 2 Weeks

Two weeks in Palau? Lucky you! A fortnight is ideal to sample the many delights of the archipelago, both on land and at sea. You'll be able to explore Koror, the Rock Islands, Babeldaob and Peleliu – the ideal combination.

All trips can be organised from Koror, which makes a convenient base. Koror itself is worth a day or two – the country's biggest city has a couple of excellent museums, a varied restaurant scene and some great shopping options. Devote at least four days (and up to six days if you're a keen diver) to diving, snorkelling and kayaking around the Rock Islands, a 30- to 90-minute boat ride from Koror. The wonderfully quiet island of Babeldaob is next on the itinerary. Settle in for a couple of days at M&A Riverside Beach Bungalows before exploring the island's attractions, which include zip-lining in the jungle, scenic waterfalls and historic sites. Your last port of call should be Peleliu, a peaceful island that is easily reached by boat or plane from Koror. From WWII relics scattered in the jungle to deserted beaches, there's much on offer here, and three to four days is the perfect amount of time to relax into Peleliu's slow vibe. Feeling chilled? Return to Koror and fly home.