Most activities, including diving, kayaking and snorkelling, are away from Koror but are all organised through the operators based there.

Diving & Snorkelling

If you're into diving and snorkelling – the main reasons to come to Palau – you'll be ecstatic. The Palauan archipelago offers some of the finest dives in the world. Although most dive sites are located around the Rock Islands and off Peleliu, they are accessible on day trips from Koror, where almost all dive shops are based.

Wreck fans will be spoiled here too, with a collection of well-preserved WWII vessels lying close to Koror.

Snorkelling is another great way to experience this underwater playground. Sign up with one of Koror's reputable dive shops or boat-tour operators.

For diving, snorkelling and other activities, a US$50 Rock Island permit is required; this goes towards conservation. The permit is valid for 10 days and should be carried on all trips to the Rock Islands. Add another US$50 if you plan to snorkel Jellyfish Lake. For Peleliu, the permit costs US$30. Permits can be purchased through the dive shops.