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Museum in Quetta

Archaeological Museum of Balochistan

This small but well-kept Archaeological Museum of Balochistan, also known as Quetta Museum, is tucked away just east of Mizan Chowk. The galleries display figurines from Moenjodaro in Sindh province, pottery pieces …
Museum in Quetta

Geological Survey of Pakistan Museum

Adjacent to Balochistan University is the surprisingly interesting Geological Survey of Pakistan Museum. It houses a remarkable collection of geological and palaeontological items, with some particularly impressive …
Museum in Quetta

Command & Staff College Museum

The Command & Staff College Museum has a small private collection built up during the days when the then Indian Staff College was the Raj's answer to West Point. Field Marshal Montgomery, WWII hero of El Alamein…
Gardens in Quetta

Askari Park

More a family theme park, you can get out of the city here and enjoy some open space and clean air. There's a jogging track and children's park along with the Gardenia Resort hotel and restaurant.