Museum in Quetta to Sibi

Sibi Museum

In 1878, after an earlier assault on the town in 1841, the British captured Sibi and renamed it Sandemanabad, for Robert Sandeman. The most imposing of the extant buildings from the British era is the 1903 Queen Vic…
Lake in Quetta to Sibi

Pir Gheib

About 24km beyond Mach, after passing several coalmines, a rough track running right off the main road leads to Pir Gheib. This beautiful rock pool is fed by a cascade and is surrounded and enclosed by cliffs and tr…
Fortress in Quetta to Sibi

Mir Chakar's Fort

The 15th-century ruins of Mir Chakar's Fort lie on the outskirts of Sibi. There's also an old caravanserai (traditional accommodation for camel caravans), the Sohbat Serai, constructed by tribal chief Sadar Sohbat K…