Buddhist Monastery in Takht-i-Bahi

Buddhist Monastery

This Buddhist Monastery sat on a commanding rocky hill 15km northwest of Mardan is by far NWFP's stand-out Gandharan site, and compares more than favourably with Taxila near Islamabad. It thrived between the 1st and…
Museum in Peshawar

Peshawar Museum

Housed in a glorious Victorian Mughal-Gothic hall across the tracks from the Old City, the Peshawar Museum has the largest collection of Gandharan art in the world, ranging from statues and friezes depicting the Bud…
Museum in Peshawar

Bala Hisar Fort

The imposing Bala Hisar Fort and its bleak ramparts still appear to monitor movement along the Grand Trunk Rd. Babur first built a fort here in 1526 after capturing Peshawar. It was a royal residence for the Afghan …
Museum in Mingora & Saidu Sharif

Swat Museum

Partly funded by the Japanese, the excellent Swat Museum in Saidu Sharif should be on anyone's itinerary if they have an interest in Buddhist Swat. Gandharan-style statuettes and friezes depict the lives of the Budd…
Mosque in The Khyber Pass

Ali Masjid

Near the narrowest point of the pass, about 15km from Jamrud, is Ali Masjid. Above the mosque, Ali Masjid Fort commands a view over this strategic sector of the pass. A small cemetery here contains the graves of Bri…
Museum in Chakdara

Chakdara Museum

Chakdara Museum is at the village's main intersection. Exhibits include well-preserved Buddhist statuary, carved columns and lintels from an old Swat mosque, and an ethnographic section with embroidery and lots of j…
Mosque in Chitral Town

Shahi Masjid

Built by the ul-Mulks near the end of the 19th century. Its pinkish walls and white onion dome make it one of north Pakistan's most distinctive mosques, particularly as its minarets frame Tirich Mir in the far dista…
Buddhist Site in The Khyber Pass

Sphola Stupa

In a broad valley by the village of Zarai, is the ruined Sphola Stupa. On a promontory overlooking the road, it dates from Kushan times, an incongruous and oddly poignant reminder of the region's Gandharan past.
Church in Mardan

Lutheran Church & School

Near the memorial arch and a small park is a Lutheran Church & School founded in 1937.
Museum in Mardan

Mardan Museum

The small Mardan Museum has exhibits on Gandhara and local ethnography.