Fortress in Karimabad (Baltit)

Baltit Fort

The oldest parts of Baltit Fort date from the 13th century. Over the years more houses and towers were added, and it was fortified. To cement an alliance with Baltistan's Maqpon dynasty in the 17th century, Mir Ayes…
Cemetery in Gilgit Town

British Cemetery

The well-kept British Cemetery has some surprisingly recent graves of adventurous trekkers and mountaineers among the more historical plots. Buried here is Captain George Hayward, a British explorer murdered in Yasi…
Islamic Site in Chapursan Valley

Baba Ghundi Ziarat

Beyond Zood Khun is the mystical and holy Baba Ghundi Ziarat, a shrine to a Sufi saint said to have miraculous powers, and a popular pilgrimage site. The shrine is surrounded by meadows which host herds of sheep in …
Landmark in Karimabad (Baltit)

Mominabad Village

In the Northern Areas there are traces of an ancient caste system, in which musicians and artisans ranked low. In the past they were often segregated in their own separate villages. Though it's quite ordinary lookin…
Islamic Site in Chapursan Valley

Panja Shah Ziarat

Just beyond the northern limit of Afiyatabad the winding link road to Chapursan intersects with the KKH. After travelling through crumbling mountains and sliding scree slopes that make the trip adventurous at any ti…
Islamic Site in Skardu

Qatal Gah

The brightly painted complex behind the Baltistan Tourist Cottage includes a mosque, an imam barga (a hall used during Shiite festivals of Ashura and Chelum) and a huge graveyard. It's said to be a little replica of…
Mosque in Abbottabad

Ilyasi Mosque

This striking mosque, which includes a complex of spring-fed bathhouses and pools, is 5km east on the Murree road, near Nawan Sheher village. A small bazaar nearby has basic teashops. Catch a Suzuki (Rs10 to Rs20) t…
Mosque in Shigar


Visitors should find the time to stroll around the peaceful and attractive village to meet the locals and view the beautiful wooden Mosques: Khilingrong beside Fong Khar, the larger Khanqa-e-Moallah and 14th-century…
Notable Building in Mansehra

Mansehra Municipal Library

Up Kashmir Rd is the three-storey Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Saba, a pastiche of colours and styles. Built in 1937 as a gurdwara, it's now the Mansehra Municipal Library. The ornate interior hasn't been altered much.
Church in Abbottabad

St Luke's Church

St Luke's Church, near the PTDC, is as old as the town. A melancholy Christian cemetery can be found 500m up Circular Rd.