Cemetery in Gilgit Town

British Cemetery

The well-kept British Cemetery has some surprisingly recent graves of adventurous trekkers and mountaineers among the more historical plots. Buried here is Captain George Hayward, a British explorer murdered in Yasi…
Fortress in Karimabad (Baltit)

Baltit Fort

The oldest parts of Baltit Fort date from the 13th century. Over the years more houses and towers were added, and it was fortified. To cement an alliance with Baltistan's Maqpon dynasty in the 17th century, Mir Ayes…
Notable Building in Mansehra

Mansehra Municipal Library

Up Kashmir Rd is the three-storey Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Saba, a pastiche of colours and styles. Built in 1937 as a gurdwara, it's now the Mansehra Municipal Library. The ornate interior hasn't been altered much.
Tower in Gilgit Town

Gohar Aman's Tower

In the grounds of the Army Public School (Hayat Shaheed), a crumbling adobe tower is all that remains of Gohar Aman's Tower, a fort built by Gohar Aman in the 1850s. There's not much to look at and the school is pre…
Monument in Gilgit Town

Uprising Memorial

The Uprising Memorial, is a memorial to those who rose against the Maharaja in 1947. It includes the graves of the local heroes, Mohammed Babar Khan and Safiullah Beg of the Gilgit Scouts, and Mirza Hassan Khan of t…
River in Karimabad (Baltit)

Channel Walk

A three- or four-hour walk along the main water channels from Ultar Nala is a good way to see Hunza at its best. Try to avoid the delicate side channels.
Outdoors in Karimabad (Baltit)

Mominabad Village

In the Northern Areas there are traces of an ancient caste system, in which musicians and artisans ranked low. In the past they were often segregated in their own separate villages. Though it's quite ordinary lookin…
Monument in Karimabad (Baltit)

Queen Victoria Monument

The Queen Victoria Monument at the top of the rock face behind Karimabad can be reached in an hour from Baltit. Take the channel path above the polo ground. Five minutes out, cross the channel and climb stone steps …
Museum in Skardu

Italian K2 Museum

The huge tent in the garden of the PTDC K2 Motel was set up in 2004 to commemorate the first successful summiting of K2 by an Italian expedition in 1954. There are numerous interesting photos documenting this expedi…
Fortress in Skardu


Ali Sher Khan probably built the fort on the east end of this rock in the 17th century, but the Dogras trashed and rebuilt it. It's a half-hour climb to the partly reconstructed fort, from where there are fine valle…