Museum in Karachi

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Museum

Pakistan's plentiful military museums always pose a problem - how to celebrate an institution that has repeatedly seized power from the politicians and lost every war it's contested? The answer is just to focus on t…
Architectural in Karachi

Jinnah House Museum

In Flag Staff House, this museum is beautifully maintained. You can see Jinnah and Fatima's private apartments, with period furniture and accessories - well worth a visit.
Beach in Karachi


Although not as busy as Clifton Beach, Sandspit is popular with families on Sunday and on holidays. Sandspit is a natural breakwater that prevents the harbour from silting up - a serious problem along most of the co…
Beach in Karachi

Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach is Karachi's busiest beach, although here you'll want to take a stroll rather than a swim. The beach itself is nothing special, made of mud-grey sand, but it's fun for people-spotting. Clifton is one o…
Island in Karachi

Manora Island

Manora Island sits a short ferry ride from Keamari Harbour, the entrance to Karachi's busy port. The island was the site of the fort where Karachi's Talpur rulers surrendered to the British, who later erected a (sti…
Monument in Karachi

Defence Housing Authority Mosque (Masjid-i-Tuba)

Surely Pakistan's most eccentric mosque, the Defence Housing Authority Mosque is a truly odd structure that was built in the late 1960s. The low-slung mosque is contained under one vast dome with no supporting colum…
Notable Building in Karachi

Karachi Metropolitan Development Corporation Building

Many of the city's most architecturally interesting British Raj buildings are now used as government offices and aren't so easily accessible for sightseeing. This includes the palatial Karachi Metropolitan Developme…
Tomb in Karachi

Quaid-i-Azam Mausoleum

This curiously shaped mausoleum is a monument to Pakistan's founder, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. It's set at the top of a stepped pyramid in a small park. Built in 1958-68 from the design of a Turkish architect, it is mini…
Museum in Karachi

National Museum of Pakistan

The display here includes a two-million-year-old Stone Age axe recovered from the Potwar Plateau and other artefacts from around Pakistan. There's an interesting Islamic section outlining the early Arab settlements …
Architectural in Karachi

Mohatta Palace

Near the Ziarat of Abdullah Shah Gazi is the Mohatta Palace, another residence of Jinnah's sister Fatima, a fine British Raj building that has enjoyed a new lease of life following its restoration in 1999. The exhib…