Notable Building in Mansehra

Mansehra Municipal Library

Up Kashmir Rd is the three-storey Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Saba, a pastiche of colours and styles. Built in 1937 as a gurdwara, it's now the Mansehra Municipal Library. The ornate interior hasn't been altered much.
Market in Abbottabad


A congested quarter of crumbling colonial architecture, full of noise and traffic and the smells of cooking oil and barbecued meat.
Notable Building in Abbottabad


In Gurdwara Bazaar, beneath the arch, is a former Gurdwara built in 1943, abandoned at Partition and now used as municipal offices.
Religious Site in Abbottabad

Ilyasi Mosque

This striking mosque, which includes a complex of spring-fed bathhouses and pools, is 5km east on the Murree road, near Nawan Sheher village. A small bazaar nearby has basic teashops. Catch a Suzuki (Rs10 to Rs20) t…
Mountain in Abbottabad

Shimla Peak

The hills cradling Abbottabad are Shimla Peak to the northwest and Sarban Peak to the south. Shimla's cool, pine-clad summit is woven with trails and features fine panoramas of the town and its surroundings. You can…
Religious Site in Abbottabad

St Luke's Church

St Luke's Church, near the PTDC, is as old as the town. A melancholy Christian cemetery can be found 500m up Circular Rd.
Archaeological Site in Batagram

Buddhist Ruins

Archaeological researchers say there are Buddhist Ruins near Pishora village, 8km north of Batagram, though you would need good local help to find them.
Mountain in Naran

Lake Saiful Mulk

At 3200m, surrounded by moody, snowy mountains, Lake Saiful Mulk (or Muluk) is said to be inhabited by fairies. Legend has it that in ancient times a mortal, Prince Saiful Mulk, fell in love with a fairy there and m…
Monument in Mansehra

Ashoka Rocks

On the north side of town is Mansehra's tourist attraction, three granite boulders on which 14 edicts were engraved by order of the Mauryan king Ashoka in the 3rd century BC. Appalled by the destruction wreaked by h…
Market in Mansehra

Kashmir Bazaar

Shinkiari and Kashmir Rds curve round a hill, with Kashmir Bazaar sprawled across the top, its narrow lanes in semipermanent shadow.