Top things to do

Islamic Site in Skardu

Qatal Gah

The brightly painted complex behind the Baltistan Tourist Cottage includes a mosque, an imam barga (a hall used during Shiite festivals of Ashura and Chelum) and a huge graveyard. It's said to be a little replica of…
Mosque in Shigar


Visitors should find the time to stroll around the peaceful and attractive village to meet the locals and view the beautiful wooden Mosques: Khilingrong beside Fong Khar, the larger Khanqa-e-Moallah and 14th-century…
Fortress in Skardu


Ali Sher Khan probably built the fort on the east end of this rock in the 17th century, but the Dogras trashed and rebuilt it. It's a half-hour climb to the partly reconstructed fort, from where there are fine valle…
Museum in Shigar

Fong Khar

The main landmark in Shigar village is Fong Khar, the former Raja of Shigar's fort-palace, now a luxury hotel and museum showcasing the impressive rustic architecture and the fascinating lifestyle of Shigar's rich a…
Archaeological Site in Satpara Lake & Buddha

Buddha Relief

Across Hargisar Nala from the track is a Buddha Relief carved on a rock in about the 7th century. About 200m beyond the Baltoro resthouse turning and a cluster of government offices, and just past an Aga Khan Rural …
Palace in Khaplu Village

Khaplu Palace

Uphill from polo ground is the Khaplu Palace, currently under restoration by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture. If you get lost, the local word for it is khar, or try 'Raja palace'. The restoration plan includes the pr…
Museum in Skardu

Italian K2 Museum

The huge tent in the garden of the PTDC K2 Motel was set up in 2004 to commemorate the first successful summiting of K2 by an Italian expedition in 1954. There are numerous interesting photos documenting this expedi…
Archaeological Site in Shigar

Buddhist Ruins

Along the Shigar Valley wall, downriver of Bauma Lungma, are recently excavated Buddhist Ruins, including monastery foundations and rock inscriptions from as early as the 5th century.