Architecture in Lahore

Badshahi Mosque

Completed in 1674 under Aurangzeb as the Mughals' final architectural fling, the sublime Badshahi Mosque, opposite the main gateway to the Lahore Fort, is one of the world's largest mosques. Replete with huge gatewa…
Notable Building in Mansehra

Mansehra Municipal Library

Up Kashmir Rd is the three-storey Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Saba, a pastiche of colours and styles. Built in 1937 as a gurdwara, it's now the Mansehra Municipal Library. The ornate interior hasn't been altered much.
Notable Building in Bahawalpur

Central Library

Next door to the Bahawalpur Museum, this fine building houses a well-stocked Central Library. The foundation stone was laid by the then viceroy, Sir Rufus Daniel Isaacs, in 1924. The garden is very restful.
Architecture in Peshawar

Mahabat Khan Mosque

West of Chowk Yadgar is Mahabat Khan Mosque, the city's finest mosque, built in 1630 by the governor of Peshawar under Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, and renovated in 1898. You can enter the mosque and look around at th…
Notable Building in Karachi

Karachi Metropolitan Development Corporation Building

Many of the city's most architecturally interesting British Raj buildings are now used as government offices and aren't so easily accessible for sightseeing. This includes the palatial Karachi Metropolitan Developme…
Architecture in Multan

Eidgah Mosque

The large Eidgah Mosque, covering an area of some 73m by 16m, was built in 1735 and was later used by the Sikhs as a military garrison. In turn, the British used it as a courthouse (it was here that Agnew was slain)…
Architecture in Karachi

Holy Trinity Cathedral

British spiritual needs were well served in Karachi, and its churches provide some of Karachi's finest remaining examples of British Raj architecture. The Anglican Holy Trinity Cathedral has some fascinating plaques…
Architecture in Bahawalpur

Jami Masjid al Sadiq

This beautiful mosque, built just prior to Partition, is in the heart of the town's central main bazaar area. It serves as Bahawalpur's major Friday mosque.
Architecture in Peshawar

All Saints Church

To the south of Pipal Mandi is All Saints Church, adapted from a former mosque in 1883 and still correctly oriented towards Mecca. A bird market is nearby.
Notable Building in Karachi

Frere Hall

Many of the city's most architecturally interesting British Raj buildings are now used as government offices. They include Frere Hall.