Top things to do in Western Salalah Plain

Top Choice Natural Feature in Western Salalah Plain


Oman’s most spectacular bay ends in a set of sheer cliffs that reaches towards the Yemeni border. Immediately below the start of these cliffs the rock pavement is potholed with blowholes that are active year-round, …
Viewpoint in Western Salalah Plain

Sarfait Road

The Sarfait road, which links Salalah with the Yemeni border via Mughsail, is one of Oman's many impressive engineering projects. Zigzagging nearly 1000m from the Salalah Plain, it reaches the top of the cliff via 1…
Bar in Western Salalah Plain

Whispers Bar

A highly popular venue for a drink, the indoor bar at the Hilton Salalah Hotel hosts DJs on Thursdays and Fridays between 11.30pm and 2am. There's an outdoor beach bar, too, if this small venue becomes too crowded.
Beach in Western Salalah Plain

Fizayah Beach

Separated from the rest of the Salalah Plain by the vertical cliffs of Mughsail, and accessed via the Sarfait Rd, Fizayah Beach is one of the most dramatic spectacles in Dhofar. Lunging cliffs and limestone pinnacle…
Islamic Tomb in Western Salalah Plain

Job’s Tomb

In religious terms, this tomb is probably the most important site in Dhofar. The tomb of Prophet Job, mentioned in the Old Testament and venerated by Muslims, Jews and Christians, is situated on an isolated hilltop …
Spring in Western Salalah Plain

Ayn Garziz

One of the most visited of the springs issuing from the foothills surrounding Salalah, Ayn Garziz often has a generous flow of water collecting at the bottom of the knotted cliffs. With stunted fig trees and limesto…
Coffee in Western Salalah Plain

Mayfair Cafe

This stylish cafe with indoor seating offers some respite from the midday heat and serves excellent coffee, cakes and a range of tasty mocktails.
Natural Pool in Western Salalah Plain

Ayoon Pools

Below the village of Ayoon there are some natural pools surrounded by tall stands of reeds and other vegetation. The pools are accessed along a 3km off-road track and make for a pleasant picnic spot. The site lies r…
Cafe in Western Salalah Plain

Etienne Cave Park Restaurant

One of a couple of basic coffee shops on top of the incline above the Ittin Rd, this simple establishment offers a few seats under shady trees that bob with the inhabitants of weaver-bird nests. The panoramic vista …
Cafe in Western Salalah Plain

Mughsail Coffee Shop

This simple coffee shop serves black tea, tea boiled with milk, soft drinks and a few basic snacks. With a shaded terrace, it's a good spot from which to watch locals delighting in dashing in and out of the spray fr…