Walking Route 25

Top choice hiking

in Wakan

This is one of the most spectacular short walking routes in Oman. The good news is that it is also one of the easiest. A well-paved, signposted path leads from the watchtower through Wakan village, across allotments of vegetables and up through orchards of peach, pomegranate and orange. A running falaj (irrigation channel) follows the route, filling up cisterns beside the path, ready to be diverted to the terraces below. The path ends at a picnic shelter with superb views.

Offering panoramic views of the Hajar Mountains along its entire length, the route is a virtual poem to village life and gives an indication of just how stoic the mountain people of this area need to be to survive life on the edge. Despite the challenge of driving to Wakan, the walking route – mostly via steps with several sitting areas – is easy for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness, although the altitude can cause a headache for those unused to mountain paths. It takes about 45 minutes to walk to the picnic shelter and back – longer with stops for photographs.