Tiwi attractions

Natural Feature in Tiwi

Wadi Shab

Aptly named in Arabic as the ‘Gorge Between Cliffs’, Wadi Shab is one of the most lovely destinations in Oman, despite Hwy 17 slung across the entrance. The wadi rewards even the most reluctant walker with turquoise…
Natural Feature in Tiwi

Wadi Tiwi

With its string of emerald pools and thick plantations, Wadi Tiwi almost rivals its neighbour, Wadi Shab, in beauty, especially in spring when the allotments either side of the wadi turn a vivid green. It's known as…
Tomb in Tiwi

Bibi Miriam's Tomb

The ruined tomb of Bibi Miriam is about all that remains of the 2nd-century settlement of Qalhat, one of the most ancient sites in Oman. There’s not much left to see, but if you pay the site a visit, you’ll be in ex…