Omani rial (OR)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than OR50

  • Shared room in budget guesthouse: OR30
  • Street fare or self-catering: OR6
  • Public transport and metered taxi: OR10
  • Entry fees: OR4

Midrange: OR50–200

  • Double room in a midrange hotel: OR70
  • Local-style dining in restaurants: OR15
  • Saloon car hire: OR20
  • Unguided activities: OR20

Top end: More than OR200

  • Double room in five-star hotel or resort: OR130
  • International-style buffet lunch/dinner: OR30
  • 4WD vehicle hire: OR60
  • Guided activities: OR40


Discounts are available for most items, in all shops other than supermarkets and Western-style chain stores. Haggle for taxi fares and souvenirs but don’t expect too much of a bargain.


HSBC Cash is available from the ATM located opposite Anwaar Tiwi Restaurant.