Oman in detail

Entry & Exit Formalities

Visas (OR5/20 for 10/30 days) are required for most nationalities and must be applied for in advance. Applications can be obtained through Omani embassies abroad or, more easily, online through the Royal Oman Police website ( The visa should be printed, ready for presentation at the immigration desk on arrival at the airport or land border.

Customs Regulations

Non-Muslims travelling by air can bring in two bottles of wine or spirits. It is illegal to cross by land from Oman into the United Arab Emirates and vice versa carrying alcohol. A ‘reasonable quantity’ of cigars, cigarettes and tobacco can be imported. It is illegal to bring in banned substances of any kind, and penalties for possession of drugs and/or weaponry are severe.


Visas are available online for many nationalities (OR5/20 for 10/30 days).

More Information

A visit visa, required by all nationalities except for citizens of Gulf countries, can be obtained by many foreign nationals – including those from the UK, EU, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand – online through the Royal Oman Police website (

Currently those with a Qatar or Dubai tourist visa may visit Oman without paying for an Omani visa if travelling on direct flights or overland from those countries.

Admission may be refused if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport. Visa regulations change frequently, so check the website for updates. Multiple-entry visas cost OR50 (valid for one year) and are good for three-week visits for bona fide business travellers.

Visa Extensions

A ten-day extension (OR5) on a ten-day visit visa, and a one-month extension (OR20) on a one-month visit visa, are available both from the ROP Visa Information counter at Muscat International Airport. No extensions on multiple-entry visas are available. Overstaying a visa incurs charges on departure (OR10 per day).