Mountain Drive

Scenic Drive in Selma Plateau

This circuitous route leads from Wadi Kabbah, near Ibra, up to the Selma Plateau and is something of a 4WD adventure given the roughness of the route, the navigational difficulty and the steepness of some of the inclines. For a weekend of challenging off-roading, the route can be combined with the cliff drive down towards Tiwi.

The route begins at a right turn for Souqah, just before the town of Ash Shariq (also known as Simayiah), located at the entrance of Wadi Kabbah. The start of the track moves each time it rains: look for a track across the wadi adjacent to a water station signposted for Saih Ar Rak. Make sure you have water, a map, a compass and a full tank of petrol.

Around 3km after you leave the sealed road, take the right fork for Jaylah (sometimes spelt 'Gaylah' or 'Al Gailah'). The track traces a precarious route through walls of unhinged black shale, waiting for a good storm to collapse. The last 6km of the ascent to the plateau, past shepherd enclosures, is poorly graded and progress is slow. At 21.4km, turn steep left by the water filling ‘station’ and follow the road to the top of the plateau.