Image by Richard Packwood Getty Images

Turtles don't approach the beach during the day, so for the best chance of seeing a turtle, join a night tour (from 9pm each evening), bookable in advance online or by phone. If you turn up without a reservation, you may miss the opportunity as maximum visitor numbers are adhered to. The beach is a 900m, 15-minute walk from the visitors centre across soft sand.

Cars are not permitted beyond the visitors centre: a shuttle bus is provided for the elderly and those with special needs. Note that photography is not permitted during the night visit.

There is an excellent museum at the visitors centre (adult/child OR1/500 baisa) with a video in English and German, a 3D cinema and an audio guide to displays and relics charting the history of local interaction with turtles since ancient times.

Between 8am and 1.30pm you can enjoy the magical bay (OR1) without an escort, and it’s often possible to spot turtles between the waves, waiting for nightfall before approaching the beach.