Top ChoiceSouth Indian in Seeb

Al Bahjah Restaurant

Seeb has a large expat community from India, and this is reflected in the presence of this very good Indian restaurant. It showcases dishes mostly from Kerala, in southern India, but there are also international...

Top ChoiceAsian in Jebel Seifa

Bank Restaurant

Snacks and salads are served at this attractive beach club by day, but the restaurant really comes into its own at night when the pool is bathed in colour and the rustling palms create a seductive ambience. The...

Top ChoiceSeafood in Bandar Jissah

Beach Restaurant

This elegant outdoor restaurant, designed in shades of white with wood decking and sepia photographs, is a perfect venue for lunch. Oysters and lobster compete with other local seafood for pride of place on the...

Breakfast in Seeb

Mirzab Restaurant

Occupying an attractive location at the end of the corniche and helping to keep local traditions alive, this new Omani-run restaurant specialises in breakfast. With homemade Omani bread of differing types, pies...

Kebab in Seeb

Mushkak Stand

This concrete booth serves up delicious grilled squid kebabs. If there's a queue of cars along Dama St, it's because someone has paused by the booth to buy a stick of this freshly caught delicacy without...

Cafe in Mazara

Restaurant & Coffee Shop

A seasonal cafe opens at the Wadi Dayqah dam at peak times (from November to January), offering simple fare (microwaved burgers and other snacks) in a bright, air-conditioned space. Better still, take one of the...

Middle Eastern in Seeb

Seeb Waves Restaurant

Near the harbour in the heart of Seeb, this is a cheap and cheerful venue for roast chicken, chopped salad and hummus.