Muscat restaurants

Top Choice Omani in Muscat

Al Angham

This exquisite restaurant next to the Royal Opera House offers just the kind of refined fare demanded of a special occasion, such as a night at the opera. From the Omani silver napkin rings to the carved wooden ceil…
Top Choice Middle Eastern in Muscat

Kargeen Cafe

With a choice of open-air and majlis-style dining (on sedans in small rooms), this Muscat favourite has spilt into a courtyard of illuminated trees to create a thoroughly Arabian experience. Make sure you try Kargee…
Top Choice Omani in Muscat

Bait Al Luban

You know you're somewhere unique when the complimentary water is infused with frankincense. This delightful restaurant is housed in a renovated khan (guesthouse), built 140 years ago, that used to charge by the bed …
Top Choice Seafood in Muscat

The Beach

This top-class restaurant, with superb Arabian ambience created by fire pits and subtle lighting, serves exciting, complex fare in a luxurious beachside location. The French pastry chef at The Chedi’s indoor restaur…
Ice Cream in Muscat

Ice Cream Mama

Arising out of an Omani family enterprise that produced homemade ice cream based on a single hand-me-down recipe, this successful brand is spreading through Muscat malls. Try the original rose water and laban (unswe…
Omani in Muscat


As if Oman didn't have enough forts, they've just built a new one. Unlike its dusty old predecessors, however, with their all but empty interiors, this crenellated building has a covered courtyard with a flowing fal…
Lebanese in Muscat

Zahr El Laymoun

Bench seats with colourful cushions spill on to the pavement at this excellent Lebanese restaurant, inviting diners to make a night of it. That's easily done as there are lots of different hot and cold mezze on offe…
Indian in Muscat

Mumtaz Mahal

Specialising in northern Indian Mughlai cuisine, Mumtaz Mahal is more than just the best Indian restaurant in town – it is part of the landscape of Muscat. Perched on a hill overlooking Qurm Nature Reserve, with its…
Omani in Muscat

Dukanah Cafe

For a chance to sample not just Omani food but also a representation of an Old Muscat house, Dukanah Cafe is a fun destination, particularly for breakfast.
International in Muscat

The Cave

This cave-like complex of seven different restaurants includes Al Manjur, an Omani restaurant with shuwa (slow-cooked, marinated meat dishes, OR8) on the menu. Smart-casual dress is expected in this Aladdin's cave o…