National Museum Less is more in this elegant modern showcase of Omani heritage.

Bait Al Zubair A treasure trove of arts and crafts, this is one of Muscat's best-loved collections.

Sultan's Armed Forces Museum History buffs will enjoy being escorted round this 19th-century summer palace.

Bait Al Baranda Dedicated to the history of Muscat, this museum is housed in one of the few remaining old townhouses.

Ghalya's Museum of Modern Art Learn how Muscat merchants lived half a century ago in this delightfully quirky private museum.

Natural History Museum The place to see rudists (elongated marine fossils) without getting stuck in soft sand.

PDO Oil & Gas Exhibition A great place to learn about the importance of black gold in the region.

Children's Museum Fun, interactive displays bring out the mini-Einstein in youngsters.

Omani-French Museum A celebration of an enduring relationship between nations in the heart of Old Muscat.

The Sea

Marina Bandar Al Rowdha The launching point of sea-bound adventures, including dolphin watching and snorkelling.

Mutrah Corniche Flanked by petunias and punctuated with forts, this is one of Muscat's most picturesque roads.

Qurm Beach This beautiful sandy beach is fringed with date palms and some of Muscat's most attractive hotels.

Fish Market Newly renovated, this market features pipe fish, giant tuna and sharks.

Qurm Nature Reserve Protecting a precious stretch of mangrove, this reserve attracts migrant birds from November to March.

Sohar The explorer Tim Severin sailed in this traditional, no-nails boat to China with an Omani crew.


Mutrah Souq Muscat's most-characterful shopping experience, this souq sells gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Mutrah Gold Souq Spare a thought for the brides who wear the heavyweight jewellery sold here.

Amouage 'Beach Hut Man' is a recent fragrance of this home-grown, internationally renowned perfumery.

Asmaa Collectionz Inside the elegant Opera Galleria, this shop sells a modern take on traditional crafts.

Bateel Offering a fine selection of dates, the quintessential Omani gift to take home.

Jawahir Oman Handmade by local craftsmen, the exquisite jewellery here is entirely unique.

Omani Heritage Gallery Take a tour of Oman's cottage industries in this delightful craft shop.

Sabco Centre For last-minute souvenirs without the hassle of Mutrah parking, this mall has its own minisouq.

Oman Avenues Mall Oman's attempt at Dubai-style shopping, this modern mall features international brands.

Culture & Heritage

Grand Mosque Gifted by the Sultan and beloved by Muscat citizens, this magnificent mosque welcomes visitors.

Royal Opera House Muscat Hosting some of the best performances in the world, Muscat's opera house is an architectural wonder.

Sultan's Palace A flight of fancy, this palace is a masterclass of 1970s' design.

Al Jalali Fort Muscat's iconic cliff-fronted coastline is partly defined by this 16th-century fort.

Al Mirani Fort The twin of Al Jalali, this fort casts a long shadow over Muscat harbour.

Bait Al Maqham Boasting dappled date plantations, this fortified residence brings Oman's interior to Muscat.

Parliament Building This beautiful new suite of buildings strikes a clever balance between tradition and heritage.