Omani rial (OR)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than OR80

  • Double room in a budget hotel: OR20–50
  • Lunch or dinner in local fast-food restaurant: OR5–10
  • Kayaking from Qurm Beach: OR5
  • Bus tickets: OR2–5

Midrange: OR80–180

  • Double room in a hotel: OR50–120
  • Lunch and dinner in unlicensed restaurant: OR15–30
  • Admission to museums: OR5–15
  • Car hire (2WD): OR10–20

Top end: More than OR180

  • Double room in a luxury resort: OR125–250
  • Lunch and dinner in a fine-dining, licensed restaurant: OR30–60
  • Dolphin-watching trip: OR17–20
  • Car hire (4WD): OR40–50


Discounts are available for most items, in all shops other than supermarkets and Western-style chain stores. Haggle for taxi fares and souvenirs but don’t expect too much of a bargain.


There are numerous banks with ATM facilities throughout Muscat, and moneychangers are to be found in all main shopping areas.