Top things to do in Mirbat

Islamic Tomb in Mirbat

Bin Ali's Tomb

Housing the remains of Mohammed Bin Ali, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, this tiny tomb, with its two distinctive onion domes, marks the old entrance to town. The white-washed building makes a striking contras…
Castle in Mirbat

Mirbat Castle

The town’s main fort is now derelict despite being the site of the well-documented Battle of Mirbat. Nine soldiers kept 300 insurgents from taking Mirbat during this battle in 1972, during the Dhofari insurrection. …
Notable Building in Mirbat

Merchant Houses

Of passing interest in the town of Mirbat is the old quarter, where some merchant houses still stand proud along the beach front. Some are still lived in, but many are derelict as modern residents opt for concrete l…
Fort in Mirbat

Mirbat Fort

Recently restored, this old crenellated castle is set square to the sea as if designed to repel invaders. It's closed to the public but makes a photogenic foreground in a seascape composition.