Mazara attractions

Top Choice Dam in Mazara

Wadi Dayqah Dam

Looming over the village of Mazara and holding back a permanent body of water, the enormous Wadi Dayqah dam is the largest in Oman. A road winds up to the reservoir, the edges of which have been pleasantly landscape…
Natural Feature in Mazara

Wadi Arbeieen

High above the coast, in the wrinkled folds of the Eastern Hajar Mountains, a combination of spring and rain water collects in deep pools along the length of Wadi Arbeieen. The area is accessible (from Hwy 17) by 4W…
Ruins in Mazara

Mazara Fort

There's not much left of the fortified ruins that crest the knoll in the middle of Mazara, but this doesn't spoil their appeal as the subject of a striking scene. With the wadi in the foreground and the crenellated …