Jebel Shams Circuit

Scenic Drive in Jebel Shams

For a rewarding off-road drive with spectacular views, the rugged loop around the top of Jebel Shams can be completed in about two hours. This gives enough time to walk over to various precipices to admire the view. The route is very steep and narrow but requires no particularly technical 4WD skills – just a head for heights!

Clockwise, follow the signs for Sunrise Resort, passing tiny terraced hamlets clinging to the steep cliff face, until you come to a T-junction where a left turn leads to the Sunrise Resort. Turn right here for the villages of Krub and Al Marrat: the track passes the entrance to the radar site at the top of Jebel Shams and descends past the junction for Jabal Shams Resort (and the canyon viewpoint) to complete the loop.

At dusk, keep an ear open for hoots in the scrubby bushes – a recently discovered endemic species of owl inhabits the area.