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Continuing towards Jebel Samhan, the road climbs up through a variety of different flora, including rocky fields of leafless desert roses. Sometimes known as elephant plants, they have huge bulbous trunks and beautiful pink flowers in spring. As you near the summit (around 1300m) drive towards the cliff edge for a panoramic view of the coast. There are many exceptional vistas in Oman and this is one of them. If you’re wondering about the odd spiky tree on the plateau, it’s called a dragon tree and is confined to high, semi-arid elevations. The road ends at a couple of ad hoc teashops.

To reach any of these sights, take the Tawi Attair road after the fishing town of Taqah, and follow the brown signs. If you return to the coast from Tawi Attair following the signs to Mirbat, you'll pass (on the right of the descent) a wadi of tall, bulbous baobab trees – the only such trees in Arabia.

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