Top things to do in Jalan Bani Bu Ali

Top Choice Mosque in Jalan Bani Bu Ali

Jami Al Hamoda Mosque

This aged and revered mosque is difficult but rewarding to find. The low-lying prayer hall is unique due to its profusion of 52 domes. Non-Muslims aren't permitted to enter, but it's possible to gain a vantage point…
Castle in Jalan Bani Bu Ali

Bani Bu Hassan Castle

This solid, squat castle has been well restored and deserves a quick visit if you're passing by, though you're unlikely to be doing so unless you've followed the plethora of brown signs taking you into the suburban …
Castle in Jalan Bani Bu Ali

Hamodah Castle

This fort is crumbling back to the soil from which it was built, but it still makes an impressive sight on the edge of the dunes. It's closed to the public, but there's nothing to keep you wandering around the old s…