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Souq in Ibra

Ibra Souq

Ibra has a lively souq that is at its most active on a Wednesday morning. Arranged around a double courtyard, the greengrocery takes pride of place in the centre, with local melons and aubergines making colourful se…
Souq in Ibra

Women's Souq

Once per week this souq, opposite the main souq, attracts women-only buyers and sellers from all over the region, selling a variety of handicrafts such as baskets, woven cushions and camel bags. Men are not welcome …
Turkish in Ibra

Rawazen Restaurant

With small cubicles, this popular restaurant on the main road in Ibra (opposite the Ibra Motel) offers cosy dining for good-value prices.
Ruins in Ibra

Ibra Old Quarter

The old part of Ibra is a honeycomb of crumbling mud-built houses of two or three storeys. There's a paved walkway of several kilometres through some of the best parts of the old village, accessed by a double archwa…