Fort in Buraimi

Al Khandaq Fort

Buraimi has a large and interesting fort, with decorations that give it a Saharan flourish in comparison with the austere exteriors of Omani interior forts. It's surrounded by a large, waterless moat and sports a...

Syrian in Buraimi

Aroos Damascus Restaurant

Chicken, rice and salad with an assortment of sides counts as staple fare in this brightly lit, central restaurant. It's conveniently located near the fort.

Market in Buraimi

Buraimi Old Souq

The market opposite Hela Castle sells barasti – plaited palm fronds traditionally used for roofing and fencing – while just along the road, a lively souq trades in locally grown fruit and veg from neighbouring...

Castle in Buraimi

Hela Castle

This large, sprawling castle has been attractively restored and now makes a good photo opportunity in the centre of town. The interior is largely taken up with an enormous courtyard but the interior has some...