Job’s Tomb

Historic Building in Salalah Plain

In religious terms, this tomb is probably the most important site in Dhofar. Regardless of your religious convictions, the tomb, situated on an isolated hilltop overlooking Salalah, is a must-see for the beautiful drive, especially during the khareef (rainy season), and for the view over the Salalah plain on a clear day. The tomb is around 30km northwest of Salalah. Follow the signs along Ittin Rd and turn left at the signpost for An Nabi Ayyub after 22km.

A small restaurant below the tomb has wonderful views – and good egg roll-ups. There is no public transport.

If you are visiting Job’s Tomb during the khareef, return to the main road and turn right to Ayoon. If you continue along here for another 22km, past dotted frankincense trees, you'll reach the end of the monsoon catchment. The contrast between the green slopes and the desert floor beyond is remarkable. Below the village of Ayoon, there are some natural pools, via a 3km off-road drive, which make for a pleasant picnic spot.

You can continue along the main road for another 22km until you meet the Thumrait road where a right turn brings you back to Salalah.