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Getting There & Away

Mwasalat buses run from Muscat’s Azaiba Bus Station (OR4), twice daily at 7.50am and 2.50pm, running in the opposite direction at 7.30am and 4pm. The journey is 200km from Muscat and take 3¼ hours. The bus continues on to Sur (120km, 1½ hours), stopping at Al Kamil on route.

Al Mintirib is the access point for two parallel dune corridors and the desert camps that are located there. The 18km off-road track to Al Raha Tourism Camp is a difficult drive over severe washboard, interspersed with soft sand. It requires care, but not special sand driving experience, to reach the camp. The onward section, however, to 1000 Nights camp, deeper into the sands, is a much more challenging soft-sand drive over the dunes and should be approached with caution.