Omani rial (OR)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than OR50

  • Shared room in budget guesthouse: OR30
  • Street fare or self-catering: OR6
  • Public transport and metered taxi: OR10
  • Entry fees: OR4

Midrange: OR50–200

  • Double room in a midrange hotel: OR70
  • Local-style dining in restaurants: OR15
  • Saloon car hire: OR20
  • Unguided activities: OR20

Top end: More than OR200

  • Double room in five-star hotel or resort: OR130
  • International-style buffet lunch/dinner: OR30
  • 4WD vehicle hire: OR60
  • Guided activities: OR40


Discounts are available for most items, in all shops other than supermarkets and Western-style chain stores. Haggle for taxi fares and souvenirs but don’t expect too much of a bargain.


ATMs widespread; credit cards widely accepted.


ATMs are widespread in Oman, even in small towns.

Credit Cards

The most popular credit card in Oman is Visa, but MasterCard is also widely accepted. American Express is not accepted in many shops, and you may incur a fee of 5% for using it in some restaurants and hotels.


The official currency is the Omani rial (OR but widely abbreviated RO). One rial is divided into 1000 baisa (also spelt baiza and shortened to bz). There are coins of 5, 10, 25 and 50 baisa, and notes of 100 and 200 baisa. There are notes of a half, one, five, 10, 20 and 50 rials.

Exchange Rates

The rial is pegged to the US dollar and rarely fluctuates. For current exchange rates, see

Euro zone€10OR4.4
New ZealandNZ$10OR2.5


Moneychangers keep similar hours to banks but are often open from 4pm to 7pm as well. They usually offer a slightly more competitive rate than the banks, and most charge only a nominal commission per cash transaction.


Tipping in Oman is not as widespread as it is elsewhere in the region and is uncommon in smaller establishments.

  • Hotels OR1 for baggage handling and room service; gratuity for cleaning staff is uncommon and discretionary.
  • Restaurants In large hotel restaurants, 10% is expected if a service fee hasn’t been included in the bill.
  • Taxis Tipping taxi drivers is discretionary.