Oman in detail


  • Greeting and giving In Oman, the left hand is reserved for ablutions and considered unclean. As such, it should never be used for touching others or giving things.
  • Public displays of affection Couples, regardless of sexual orientation, should avoid being overtly affectionate in public.
  • Clothing Westerners are often seen wandering around supermarkets or hotel foyers in shorts and strappy tops but this is considered highly disrespectful to local custom. Both men and women should cover knees and shoulders in public.
  • Driving It’s tempting when exploring off-road destinations to drive straight through the middle of villages. This is about as sensitive as taking a lorry through a neighbour’s garden at home. If you want to see the village, it’s better to park outside and walk in.
  • Rubbish Litter has become a major problem as even a banana skin does not biodegrade in the hot, dry climate. Please don't add to this sadly ever-growing problem.