Top Choice Marquesan in Hatiheu

Restaurant Hinakonui

This authentic Marquesan restaurant is a relaxing spot, with an open-air thatched terrace opening onto the seafront. Signature dishes include lobster flambéed with whisky (from February to October) and a truly fanta…
International in Taiohae

Keikahanui Nuku Hiva Pearl Lodge

The chef at this upscale hotel fuses quality local ingredients with Gallic know-how. The Marquesan goat with coconut milk will certainly win your heart and there's even a dedicated vegetarian menu. Bag a table on th…
Tahitian in Taiohae

Snack Tuhiva

This low-key venue inside the market is a good spot to catch local vibes. Devour a comforting breakfast or munch on well-prepared fish dishes at lunchtime. It was being sold to a new owner when we passed but should …
Tahitian in Taiohae

Café Vaeaki

This friendly little godsend for yachties is right on the quay and offers simple but fresh dishes such as sashimi, grilled fish and chow mein alongside free wi-fi. There's also fresh juices and ice cream. Cash only.
Tahitian in Nuku Hiva

Hee Tai Restaurant

In a lovely setting at the quiet western end of Taiohae Bay, this place takes pride in serving dishes from roast chicken to occasional roast pig feasts. There's also a full bar, perfect for cocktail hour.
Tahitian in Taiohae

Moana Nui

Basking in a convivial buzz, the restaurant at this hotel has an eclectic menu, from salads and burgers to fish and meat dishes. Or opt for a pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven (evenings only).
Market in Taiohae

Kamake Shop

Basic little market selling food items and supplies.