Top Choice Norwegian in Alta

Restaurant Haldde

This quality restaurant within Thon Hotel Vica relies almost entirely upon local ingredients in the preparation of choice dishes such as reindeer steak, grilled stockfish and its Flavour of Finnmark dessert of cloud…
Top Choice Seafood in Hammerfest


The hugely popular Havørna couldn't be closer to where the fishing fleet comes in, and it serves up suitably fresh fish, from fish cakes or fish and chips for lunch to fish soup or oven-baked salmon in the evening. …
Pizza in Hammerfest


The 'Quayside' is a popular pub that serves pizzas and other snacks. Nautically themed (the backdrop to the bar represents old Hammerfest's dockside, and sail canvases billow beneath the ceiling), it has comfy sofas…
Norwegian in Alta


Located inside the Scandic Hotel Alta, this fine restaurant serves up Arctic specialties such as reindeer and king crab, with salmon and Arctic char also likely to feature, although availability can be seasonal. In …
Norwegian in Hammerfest

Du Verden Matbar

Part of a stylish chain that we've enjoyed across Norway, this brasserie-style place does Norwegian classics, sometimes with a contemporary twist to suit the modern surrounds, as well as tapas. It's inside the Smart…
Cafe in Honningsvåg

Arctic Sans

Great coffee is where you suspect its passion lies, but Arctic Sans also serves up crispy cod tongues, creamy fish soup and chicken wings. It's far enough away from the ferry docks for it to be a little more relaxed…
Norwegian in Hammerfest

Skansen Mat og Vinstue

A cut above most of the other restaurants in town, the Scandic Hotel Hammerfest's restaurant serves up fine local specialities such as king-crab soup and reindeer stew, although the menu changes with the seasons. Se…
Seafood in Honningsvåg

King Crab House

King crabs are the centrepiece here, but they also do other local seafood and a range of tapas. We enjoyed the pan-fried cod with king-crab risotto and white-wine sauce. They also have smaller servings for those wit…
Norwegian in Gjesvær

Terrassen Restaurant

The owners of Stappan Sjøprodukter also run a splendid waterside summer cafe-restaurant offering reindeer stew, king crab, cloudberries and cream, and waffles with homemade blueberry jam.
Cafe in Hammerfest


From atop Salen Hill, Turistua offers great views over the town and sound. The off-putting name is for a lady named Turi, though turist buses often stop here too.