Top Choice Museum in Hammerfest

Royal & Ancient Polar Bear Society

Dedicated to preserving Hammerfest culture, the Royal & Ancient Polar Bear Society (founded in 1963) features exhibits on Arctic hunting and local history and shares premises with the tourist office. For Nkr180,…
Top Choice Church in Hammerfest

Hammerfest Kirke

The design of Hammerfest's contemporary church, consecrated in 1961, was inspired by the racks used for drying fish in the salty sea air all across northern Norway. Behind the altar, the glorious stained-glass windo…
Museum in Alta

Alta Museum

This superb museum is in Hjemmeluft, at the western end of town. It features exhibits and displays on Sami culture, Finnmark military history, the Alta hydro-electric project and the aurora borealis (northern lights…
Museum in Hammerfest


Hammerfest's Reconstruction Museum is a great little museum with particularly thoughtful and sensitive panels and captions (each section has a synopsis in English). It recounts the forced evacuation and decimation o…
Church in Alta

Northern Lights Cathedral

Opened in 2013, the daringly designed Northern Lights Cathedral, next to the Rica Hotel Alta, promises to be one of the architectural icons of the north, with its swirling pyramid structure clad in rippling titanium…
Museum in Kåfjord

Tirpitz Museum

Kåfjord's Tirpitz Museum, commemorating the Tirpitz, once the world's largest battleship, is the achievement of local resident Even Blomkvist, who has single-handedly collected, bought, begged and borrowed the artef…
Gallery in Hammerfest

Kulturbanken Galleri

Local artist Eva Arnesen designed the Nobel Peace Prize diploma that was awarded to Jody Williams and the campaign to ban landmines. Arnesen's paintings evoke the colours of the region from the northern lights to th…
Gallery in Kamøyvær

Gallery East of the Sun

Call by the Gallery East of the Sun, featuring the sinuous shapes and bright canvases of artist Eva Schmutterer.
Museum in Honningsvåg

Nordkapp Museum

Honningsvåg's Nordkapp Museum, upstairs and in the same block as the tourist office, illustrates the impact of early visitors to the cape, the hard days in the immediate aftermath of WWII and the daily life of a tow…
Church in Honningsvåg


The 19th-century church was the only building in town to survive the Nazis' scorched-earth retreat in 1944. For a time it was a communal dwelling until the first new houses were hastily erected.