Western Central Norway attractions

Top Choice Tunnel in Jotunheimen National Park

Mímisbrunnr Klimapark 2469

If you want to learn all about the wonders of ice, this impressive experience takes you closer than you ever thought possible. Guided tours take you 60m under the ice through a specially created ice tunnel that reve…
National Park in Western Central Norway

Jotunheimen National Park

This national park, 17km southwest of Lom, is one of Norway's best wilderness destinations. It has a network of hiking trails leading to some 60 glaciers and to the country's loftiest peaks (the 2469m Galdhøpiggen a…
Church in Lom

Lom Stavkyrkje

This delightful Norman-style stave church, in the centre of town on a rise by the water, is one of Norway's finest. Still the functioning local church, it was constructed in 1170, extended in 1634 and given its curr…
Museum in Lom

Norsk Fjellmuseum

Acting as the visitor centre for Jotunheimen National Park, this worthwhile mountain museum contains mountaineering memorabilia and exhibits on natural history (the woolly mammoth is a highlight) and cultural and in…
Museum in Lom

Fossheim Steinsenter

The fascinating Fossheim Steinsenter combines an impressive selection of rare and beautiful rocks, minerals, fossils, gems and jewellery for sale, and a large museum of geological specimens from all over Norway and …
Museum in Lom

Lom Bygdamuseum

Behind Norsk Fjellmuseum, this museum is a collection of 19th-century farm buildings, several stabbur (elevated store houses), an old hut (it's claimed that St Olav slept here) and a summer mountain dairy.