Troms attractions

Top Choice Church in Tromsø

Arctic Cathedral

The 11 triangles of the Arctic Cathedral (1965) suggest glacial crevasses and auroral curtains. The glowing stained-glass window that occupies the east end depicts Christ descending to earth, while the west end is f…
Top Choice Cable Car in Tromsø


For a fine view of the city and the midnight sun, take the cable car to the top of Mt Storsteinen (421m). There's a terrace and (pricey) restaurant at the top, from where a network of hiking routes radiates. Departu…
National Park in Troms

Reisa National Park

Although technically in Troms county, Reisa National Park (803 sq km) is equally accessible by road from Kautokeino. For hikers, the 50km route through this remote Finnmarksvidda country is one of Norway's wildest a…
National Park in Øvre Dividal National Park

Øvre Dividal National Park

Hard up against the Swedish and Finnish borders, Øvre Dividal National Park is a remote, 750-sq-km wilderness area rich in woodland, high-country views and wildlife such as brown bear, wolf, Arctic fox, Eurasian lyn…
Museum in Tromsø

Tromsø University Museum

Near the southern end of Tromsøya, this museum has well-presented and documented displays on traditional and modern Sami life, ecclesiastical art and accoutrements, and a small section on the Vikings. Downstairs, le…
Museum in Tromsø


This Arctic-themed attraction provides a multimedia introduction to northern Norway and Svalbard. Kick things off by watching the two panoramic films: Northern Lights in Arctic Norway and Svalbard – Arctic Wildernes…
Zoo in Troms

Polar Park

This large, open-air zoo is 23km south of Setermoen and 3.3km east of the E6. It features wildlife of the boreal taiga (marshy forest) in spacious enclosures that, but for the metal fencing, are scarcely distinguish…
Museum in Tromsø

Polar Museum

Fittingly for a town that was the launch pad for many pioneering expeditions to the Pole, Tromsø's Polar Museum is an old-fashioned romp through life in the Arctic, taking in everything from the history of trapping …
Gallery in Senja

Galleri Segla

Dedicated to the works of respected Tromsø artist and sculptor Knut Fjørtoft, this fine little gallery showcases his works combining printing with experimentation with form. It's a brilliant complement to all the st…
Gallery in Tromsø

Tromsø Kunstforening

The Tromsø branch of this national contemporary art foundation makes the most of its late-19th-century premises and promotes rotating exhibitions of contemporary art.