Norway Fjord Trekking

Active, Bergen to Bergen

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The Vikings were some of the toughest people to ever walk this earth, and looking at the land that spawned them, it’s not hard to see why. Carved by the relentless North Atlantic for eons, the Norwegian fjordlands are a challenge that beckons hikers and mountaineers of all ages and abilities. This trip will put you on intimate terms with the great green hills, monstrous peaks, enormous glaciers, and flat-out gorgeous scenery of this isolated chunk of Scandinavia. Lace up your hiking boots and set forth in search of your own personal Valhalla.

What’s included

  • Orientation walk in Bergen
  • Hiking to Trolltunga
  • Guided glacier hike with crampons and ice axes
  • Hike in the Buerdalen valley
  • Hike around the Hardangerfjord
  • Free time to explore Odda


  • Admire stunning views across the hardangerfjord from the overhanging rock of trolltunga
  • Walk on the blue ice of the buer glacier
  • Hike through the stunning scenery of the buerdalen valley


Day 1 Bergen Arrive at any time. Meet your group for a welcome meeting before heading out for an orientation walk of Bergen. Additional Notes: If you wish to explore Bergen before your tour begins, consider booking pre-tour accommodation with us. Please speak to a G Adventures representative about booking accommodations in Bergen before Day 1 of this itinerary. Included Activities: Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting Orientation Walk
Day 2 Bergen/Odda (1B) Enjoy breakfast in the beautiful city of Bergen. Transfer by ferry and private vehicle along the Hardangerfjord to Odda, the base in the heart of the fjords. Enjoy a hike along the Culture Trail. Transport: Ferry (2.00 hour(s)) Private Vehicle (1.00 hour(s))
Day 3 Odda (1B) Known as the Valley of the Waterfalls, Oddadalen is a spectacular wooded ravine adorned with numerous beautiful waterfalls. Stretch your legs on a 10km (6.2 mi) hike along the Buerdalen valley. Consider today’s hike a warm-up to prepare for our full day Trolltunga excursion on Day 6. Included Activities: Buerdalen Hike
Day 4 Odda/Folgefonna Glacier/Odda (1B) Join an expert local guide for a hike across the frozen landscape of the Folgefonna Glacier. Strap on crampons, head out on the ice and take in spectacular views of the glacier. Included Activities: Folgefonna Glacier Hike Transport: Private Vehicle (1.25 hour(s), 45km)
Day 5 Odda (1B) Set in the breathtaking location of the Atlantic fjordlands, Odda is an ideal place to take a day off from hiking. For those looking to recharge today, opt to wander the quaint town that lines the coast with its multi-coloured residences or take a rib boat ride on the fjords. For those who are itching to get back out into the wild, take in the views from a bike or kayak, and experience the natural beauty of this area from a different perspective.
Day 6 Odda/Trolltunga/Odda (1B) Gear up for the highlight of the week – a challenging full-day hike up to the most famous rock formation in Norway. Trolltunga (the "Troll's Tongue") grants breathtaking views from 700m (2,296 ft) above the Ringedalsvatnet lake and surrounding fjordland. Additional Notes: Trolltunga is one of this area's most popular and challenging hiking destinations. It requires preparation from hikers. This hike will take an estimated 10-12 hours, with the hiking route almost completely on a gradient. Compared with our full-day hike early in the week, Trolltunga will physically demand more - with the reward of unrivalled views across Norway's famous fjords. Included Activities: Trolltunga Hiking
Day 7 Odda/Bergen (1B) Leaving Odda behind, take a transfer and ferry back to Bergen. Trip ends on arrival in Bergen. Additional Notes: This tour will end upon arrival in Bergen at approximately 16:30. We suggest booking any onward travel after 18:00. For guests who are flying: Please note that the return ferry stops at Bergen Airport Flesland at 15:50, before continuing to Bergen. If you wish to fly out the same evening, you can disembark from the ferry early, at the airport stop. If you wish to extend your stay in Bergen, consider booking post-tour accommodation with us. Please speak to a G Adventures representative about booking accommodations in Bergen after your tour ends. Included Activities: Departure Day Transport: Private Vehicle (1.00 hour(s)) Ferry (2.00 hour(s))